Create and Save With an Ultimate Sketch Pad, Draw, Paint
Love to draw and paint? Or need to create sketches for work to explain the designs of your projects? Get your needs fulfilled by an all-in-one tool. Sketch Pad is a free, user-friendly, and highly configurable drawing tool that lets you try out new ideas and draw whatever you want. On the other hand, this extension is jam-packed with features, and you can do a lot more than just doodle with it. As a result, if you enjoy sketching, Sketch Pad is a must-have tool.
Moreover, use Sketch Pad’s innovative features to enhance your projects, such as drawings. In addition to this, you can create sketches to explain your designs in projects and send in online meetings to discuss. Thus, a sketch pad even helps you with your remote work. Install and enjoy now.

Best Features By Sketch Pad

After you’ve installed and pinned the extension, you can use the extension icon to launch the canvas and start drawing. On the other hand, the canvas is quite large, and you’ll have enough room to practice your skills or design your project layout on Chrome.

You can set the range of the pen size after selecting the “DRAW” option, which allows you to utilize the paintbrush to draw anything. As a result, choose the pen size that best suits your needs and draw whatever you want.

A full-color bar can be found at the bottom of the canvas. You are free to use any hue you choose to draw with.

A “BUCKET” option will paint the entire backdrop with the selected color. Simply choose any color, select “BUCKET,” then click on the canvas to fill the backdrop with color.

You’ll also get an eraser to fix any mistakes in your drawing. Additionally, you have the option of selecting the eraser’s size. As a result, you receive a bespoke eraser to erase with.

By selecting the “CLEAR” option, you can delete or erase the entire painting. As a result, you may wipe the whole canvas with a single click rather than removing each item one by one.

After you’ve finished sketching or drawing, you can save it to your computer. Thus, sketch and save your work in PNG format to your computer.

Unlike other programs, Sketch Pad allows you to undo and redo your work. As a result, you can undo everything you’ve done by accident. It does, however, provide the “UNDO” and “REDO” options

Installing and using Sketch Pad is entirely free. Furthermore, it is straightforward to use. You don’t have to put in any effort aside from drawing. Apart from that, there is no need to register. As a result, simply install the Sketch Pad and begin using it.

Sketch Pad does not store any of your personal information. We respect your privacy and hence do not collect any information about you. Everything you create with this tool is also secure

How To Install The Sketch Pad?

Sketch Pad is a creative extension for individuals who enjoy painting new elements and sketching with colors. Thus, use this free extension to sketch and demonstrate your creativity with various features. You can paint the canvas with any color pen size and save your work in PNG format. Therefore, you sketch pad to design and sketch your project layout to explain quickly to your co-workers.

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Head to the Chrome Web Store and look for the extension to get started. Furthermore, you can get it for free by clicking here. Keep in mind that you’ll need Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to install this extension.

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Click the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button once you’ve discovered it.​

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Then a pop-up will display, prompting you to select the “ADD EXTENSION” option.

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Your browser has now been successfully set up with the Sketch Pad. Hence, you can start using its numerous features right away and continue working with confidence.

How To Use it?
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You’ll need to download and install the Sketch Pad on your device to get started.

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Additionally, the extension icon must be pinned to your browser’s toolbar. If the extension icon isn’t visible, click the puzzle icon in the browser’s top-right corner, then the extension icon to pin it.

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You’ve now installed and pinned the Sketch Pad extension to your device. As a result, you’re all set to use it. Now, whenever you click on the extension icon in your toolbar, a text area or canvas will appear, where you can sketch, draw, paint, create, and save your designs.

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Moreover, if you want to see what you can in that canvas, head over to the “features” section on this page and read. Therefore, you’ll get all the features along with how you can use them.

Why Choose a Sketch Pad?

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You can create designs related to your project layout. Then you can show those rough sketches to your co-workers to get approval.

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You can practice with your designs and paint your sketches.​

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To create doodles on Chrome on a large canvas and various brush options.

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To spend leisure time doing something creative.

Frequently asked questions

This is the best online sketchpad. It’s absolutely free and easy to use. Furthermore, it has many features that you can use to enhance your drawings.

This is the best online sketchpad. It’s absolutely free and easy to use. Furthermore, it has many features that you can use to enhance your drawings.

Yes, now you can sketch, draw, paint, and design anything using various paintbrushes. The extension works online in your browser, so it’s the most convenient canvas ever.

You can do so by installing the Sketch Pad extension to your system, which will let you draw anytime for free. Thus, download this extension and draw, paint, and sketch for free.